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Merry Tom Folk Festival 2013

Merry Tom 2013 was without doubt a success. The weather was stunningly warm. A little too warm for some people we think but that meant everyone was able to sit out and enjoy the music in an almost Mediterranean heat. In fact it was almost too hot at times, how fickle the English weather can be!!

This was a true family event with many families enjoying a weekend of camping and music. To support this we used the money kindly donated by Brixworth Parish Council and Scott Bader to fund a range of children’s entertainments throughout Saturday afternoon.

There was a community involvement, as always, with Merry Tom. This year we hosted two Northamptonshire youth organisations representing young people who attend the very excellent Saturday music service centres at Wellingborough and Higham Ferrers. Both centres brought their youth folk bands, and large bands they were, to perform on both stages on Saturday afternoon. They were fabulous sessions and well received by all. It was a privilege to be able to promote Northamptonshire’s future musicians in this way.

We also offered a slot to a local Brixworth singer who is hoping to make an impact of her own in the music world. There was also an area set aside offered to village organisations to promote themselves and their activities.

What of the rest of the music? As expected there was pretty much non -stop quality music across both main and second stages with the addition of evening sessions in an acoustic tent. There were no recorded incidents and as far as we know hardly any calls for first aid. Water was available on the site to keep everyone hydrated.

All of the bands gave 100% and were enjoyed across the two stages. We also had dancing throughout the Saturday afternoon from Northampton Morris; so all in all a packed event. Are we doing it again in 2014? – No. The honest truth is that the organisation of an event like this takes at least a year and with all of us having day jobs we cannot commit to it year on year at the present time. Do we intend to do it again in 2015 – Well that’s a long time off but we are hopeful that we will be in a position to do so.

However, to make sure that Merry Tom Folk Festival remains a name that everyone remembers we hope to be back in 2014 with a series of smaller events both to raise awareness and also to raise money for the next event for not only is running a festival with a small team exhausting, it costs shedloads. Although yet again good management has seen us cover our costs with a small surplus it seems that every time we are starting almost from scratch financially so we really need a bit in the bank as a buffer.

Keep an eye open for news of our in year events for 2014 and please, if you want a festival in 2015, come along and help us raise some cash. We are all volunteers on the team and don’t take a penny profit personally from any of the events, far from it as we often give more than just our time to the event.

We hope you all had a great time and will keep the faith with us for the future and tell ALL your friends what a great weekend we can put on at MTFF

Best Regards

The MTFF Team.

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