Friday 12th - Saturday 13th July 2013

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In addition to ample toilet and parking facilities, we are also engaging a team of experienced stewards and parking attendants. The site is also disabled-friendly with toilet provisions and all areas of the venue accessible to wheel-chair users, the sight impaired, those with hearing difficulties and the elderly. The site will be lit after dusk and is fenced to ensure that high risk areas are not accessible to children or the unwary. Pedestrian routes will also be clearly marked.


There will be a great selection of stalls to entertain on the day.

Toilet facilities will be provided on site and in official camping areas. These will include facilities for those with mobility difficulties.


Our venue is on an inclined field. The grass is compacted and well maintained and will present little challenge to those who use walking aids (sticks, frames etc). All tents have wide access. Seating will not be provided so if you require a chair then please bring a folding seat or similar


There is shelter within the tents on site however in the event of very hot weather then you may need sun cream and a hat if you want to spend your day outdoors. The stage is to the south of the venue area and on a sunny day at this time of year you can expect the sun to shine directly down onto the audience.


We will be providing a team of trained stewards on the day, in addition to the parking team. There will also be overnight security at the venue throughout. Security and stewards will use radio and mobile phone to communicate so you will never be far away from good support if you need it. The back stage area will be secure and members of the public will not be admitted.


Northamptonshire Police will have a presence. First Aiders on site will also provide first-aid assistance if you need it. Our nearest A&E departments are less than 30 minutes away in Kettering and Northampton. The nearest ambulance station is in Kingsthorpe some 10 minutes away.


A well stocked beer tent will be open throughout the festival, supplied by Nobby's Brewery

Please feel free to bring bottled water and other soft drinks with you if you like.

Please do not bring any alcoholic drinks onto the site. Only alcoholic drinks bought within the festival ground are permitted. This is to help prevent under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour. Our SIA registered and trained stewards may search your bags on entry and will confiscate any alcohol found. No alcohol to be given to underage persons please. Drink responsibly


A range of foods will be available for purchase on site. Breakfasts will be offered for sale from the side of the main arena on Saturday morning by Franks Hamburger House


Dogs are permitted at the festival. Dogs must always be kept under strict control and on short leads. Always clean up after your dog and don’t let them ‘go’ near our drinking water taps.

    Summary of the basic rules
    • First and foremost EAT, DRINK, DANCE & BE MERRY!!
    • NO alcohol to be given to those under the legal age
    • Please do NOT smoke in the marquees
    • Please use the litter bins provided (this will help with the clean up after you have all left!!)
    • ALL Children under 16 years old on site to be accompanied by a responsible (sober) adult.
    • If you are bringing a pet on site – please clean up after it.
    • If you are camping, please respect those who may want a quiet night sleep!!
    • Please respect our stewards; they are all volunteers here to help everyone enjoy the festival!!